The vineyards of I Fabbri

The vineyards are found from a height of 550 to 650 meters above sea level. Part of these are on original centenary terraces, that in 2002 had been restored. Today they represent a magnificent, natural amphitheatre in the heart of Chianti Classico, where we can benefit of the superb view of the woods. The vines are exposed towards south, south-west: this permits the plants and grapes  to enjoy the sun heat, the same heat that accumulates in the dry stone walls and releases the warmth gradually during the night, helping the maturation of the grape. These walls are also a precious testimony of the past.

Each I Fabbri’s wine terrace is an important chapter of its history. Every single grapevine’s characteristic contributes to make I Fabbri’s Chianti Classico and the other Tuscan wines unique. Vineyards with a proper exposure, different soils, some forty-year-old vines  but others more recent: after the harvest done by hand, the grapes are manipulated separately, so that they can preserve their organoleptic features. From the highest grapes the Chianti Classico Lamole and Olinto produced, apart from the pure merlot wine, Doccio; instead from the lower grapes, the wines with a major structure are created, like the Chianti Classico Riserva and Gran Selezione. But no, each year is different from the previous, this is because wine is a living matter: nature is never static and equal to itself.