Sustainable agriculture is based on the respect of the criterion of sustainability within the production. It is a vaster concept than the idea of organic, a method that starts in the field and goes to the cellar, so that then it can be bottled and packaged. Sustainable agriculture is economically convenient for the farmer, eco-friendly and socially correct, this way, it can contribute with the improvement of life quality for the producer and the consumer.

Choosing a type of sustainable agriculture means to privilege the natural processes that preserves the “environmental resource”, avoiding some damaging procedures for the soil and to select only renewable energies.

For years I Fabbri has chosen sustainable agriculture:  our productivity is shared by all who help us with the daily work, respecting “our own style”, where the appearance doesn’t prevail the existence.  A journey which is guided by our love for the environment, with the certainty that if we only protect the territory and support nature, without forcing it, it is possible to obtain natural and quality wines, escaping the homogenisation and valuing  the peculiarity of our zone. This is why we use renewable energies, such as the photovoltaic system, we choose nothing but a packaging with little impact on the earth and we also reuse as much as we can by-products of the wine making.

These are our different stages of sustainable energy:

Year 2003

An introduction to the cultivation method of the intrigued fight; adoption to the packaging made of recycled cardboard

Year 2007

Reduction of the weight of the bottles about 7.000kg a year, equal to 15.000 kg of CO2 emission prevented each year

Year 2008

Energetic independence thanks to the realisation of the photovoltaic system with a nominal power of 3Kw, with a reduction of CO2 yearly, about 2,7 tonnes

Year 2010

Start of the conversion for the obtaining of the organic certification ( Q certification srl ). The use of the marc produced during the wine-making with the agronomist purposes.

Year 2013

From this harvest, I Fabbri's wines are completely organic. We use only indigenous yeast for spontaneous fermentation, the kindness of the procedures in the vineyards (we use just copper as well as sulphur and weeding exclusively mechanic), we can say that we are talking about natural wines.